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Beach hut 76 Walings, The Walings, near Second Avenue


Average Rating: 9

Beach hut for hire Frinton-on-Sea

Beach Hut 76, The Walings *** £15 booking fee to be added to final cost ***

(Closest access footpath from The Esplanade is opposite Second Avenue, across the path on the Greensward)

No steps involved other than to the beach
Traditional beach hut on the sea wall in the popular Wailings end of Frinton-on-Sea. Looking out, guests have a view of the beach and sea to the front, with a sun deck to the rear to enjoy the afternoon sun. The sea wall to the rear gives views over the Frinton golf course. Situated on a dog-friendly beach.

Very close to toilets; water taps (on the sea wall); only 5 beach huts away from steps to the beach, and Frinton’s famous Greensward. It is just a short 10-minute walk to Connaught Avenue and its shops and restaurants (see map). The Greensward is an open grassed space and a great spot for a family game of rounders or cricket and perfect for kite flying.

Inside the beach hut there is a sink, cupboard units, cutlery including plates etc, table & chairs, and camping gas stove. Buckets and spades and rackets
Parasol and cushions for the bench for inside eating.

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Reviews for this let

9 out of 10

Name: Mrs Shard - Approx Date of hire: Aug

Loved the location, the view , the decor. Lovely neighbours. Slightly more comfortable seating would be a welcome addition


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